Take Me Home

The Storys are a band from South Wales that bring something a bit different to the days proceedings. On first impressions they seem like a hybrid of Bryan Adams and The Eagles and along with some of the audience I'm not sure what to make of them.

Accomplished vocal harmonies stand out and the more acoustic moments are not bad at all but there's just something not quite right. Admittedly they are very good at what they do but I'm not sure there's really a market for country style rock these days. They sound like the sort of record your mum and dad have left over in their collection from the seventies, much of it is easy listening music at best.

Looking to tour America it would be no surprise if they did really well over there since they are certainly good enough as a band. Today though they play to a rather uninterested crowd and do little to win anyone over, aptly highlighted when the singer tries to get the crowd to clap along, they don't.
The Storys are a good band with a good vocalist but unless they can tailor their approach to a more receptive market they could be wasting their time pursuing their current musical style.