Soldiers of Fortune

4ft Soldiers have spent the last 4 years playing numerous gigs mainly in the North West and on this evidence it's about time the rest of the country got to hear about them. Once I get over the fact that the guitarist looks uncannily like Henry Cluney of SLF fame I'm instantly impressed with their brand of punk tinged rock.

Their songs are up beat and catchy evoking comparison with the better moments of bands such as Cave In. The vocals are clean in the main but aggressive enough when the moment requires it. The singer barely stands still throughout the set and constantly paces the stage although it's interesting that he barely makes eye contact with the audience.

They obviously have an ear for a killer chorus and the songs have a mature, well-crafted quality. Crunchy riffs abound throughout and it's a good, well-received performance. Definitely half an hour well spent they are in danger of stealing the show amongst a strong line up. With dates further afield planned, if they can keep on reproducing performances of this quality it surely can't be long before they get the success they seem to warrant. The majority of the crowd appear to agree and after the last song 'Syonara' they leave to an excellent audience reaction. Good stuff.