All You Need Is Love (& Maybe Some Cash)

Brighton based band The Love Gods have a lot to live up to after being named Best Unsigned Band by Radio One and 'The next big thing' by the Sunday Times Magazine. Their reputation clearly precedes them however as there is a large turn out for an early afternoon slot and by the time the band come on the tent is pretty full. Many of the crowd seem to be already acquainted with the band as they get a huge reception.

Kicking things off with a mid tempo indie/rock number you're instantly struck by their stage presence. With her guitar strung low, singer D e ah exudes star quality and has the voice to back it up. With a good chorus and darker vocals the second track (taken from their mini album) starts slowly but builds up before breaking into a quirky riff, two songs in and I'm already impressed.

The rest of the band provide solid accompaniment but it's all about D e ah, she puts in an excellent performance, which is accentuated by good sound and the strong nature of the songs. The Love Gods have a real groove about them, you cannot help but nod your head or tap your foot along with them.

Newer song 'Stand' sees D e ah swap guitar for tambourines and on this evidence it more than stands up alongside the older tracks. With new material as good as this The Love Gods look set to make it big. Last song 'Heroin' gets a rapturous reception and with it's lavish ending is perhaps the highlight of the set. The Love Gods won plenty of new fans today and can leave safe in the knowledge of a job well done.