All that glitters

Clashes with other stages means I don't get to see much of The Glitterati's set and it seems other people are having the same problem as there can be no more than a hardcore of a hundred or so people left for their headline set. This is a real shame as from what I do see they give one of the performances of the day.

The sound is superb and the band do it justice with a raucous performance of hard and tight glam fuelled rock. A good time is had by all, girls get up on stage and dance (and flash their naughty bits!), the crowd rock and so do the band. They deserved a much bigger crowd than they got but it doesn't appear to bother the band as they go for it throughout and put on a really impressive show. By the end I'm wishing I hadn't felt the urge to go and check out Status Quo (who incidentally were boring), The Glitterati deserve your attention, give it to them!