My oh my what have we here?

Engerica are a UK band with two singles under their belts and have just finished a short tour with Sum41. A three piece band featuring David Gardner, Michael Stuart Webster and Neil-Ross Gardner, they are an original sounding, in your face rock band. The songs are multi faceted and whilst the vocals are clear they are of dubious lyrical content on occasion! Engerica appeal because they stray away from the tried and tested formula of verse/chorus, mixing in lots of breaks and shooting off in all manner of directions.

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Confident performers that they are, it's hard to understand why many of the audience remain seated although the band get a good reaction and it's well deserved. In places they sound a bit like SOAD, particularly when the vocals jump between the bassist and guitarist. It's refreshing to hear an original sound, even if it does come in the form of songs like 'Arsehole'! Of the other songs played tonight most notable is the highly impressive 'Smell'. Engerica have energy, power and passion in abundance and it's great to watch.

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Engerica are definitely one of the finds of the weekend and having brought their sound to a new audience on the Sum41 tour it will be no surprise if Engerica make a major breakthrough on the back of it. Excellent stuff.

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