Killing me softly

Formed in 2002 Smother are a three piece band from Essex that put in an excellent performance full of energy. The band really give it some straight from the off and they have the songs to back it up. They are loud and tuneful with a good mix of clean and distorted guitar and effective vocal harmonies.
Vocalist/guitarist Luke uses the whole stage and injects real passion into his performance. Luke and Dave on bass and drums respectively, provide a driving accompaniment and they are instantly impressive. Some of the tracks are more subdued in the verse but are no less catchy. Overall it's a strong and impressive set. Towards the end of one song Luke jumps over the barriers and continues to play the song as he walks through the front rows of the crowd. It's exactly this kind of spontaneity that make Smother such a good live band.
The newer songs aired fit in perfectly with the older material and merely serve to confirm what we already knew, that Smother are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in the face of an unsuspecting public.

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During 'This Generation Can't Say No' they pull a good twenty people out of the crowd onto the stage who proceed to dance like lunatics! It's funny as hell but alas the mic packs up and it all rather peters out. You can guarantee though that those twenty will spread the word and so it goes. Good band, great performance.

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