Kids today

The one thing to remember about Neclar is that they are young, very young. In fact they are all 13 or under with the rhythm guitarist being only 11! They play melodic rock music and the first impression is that they are not very tight as a band. The sound does them no favours with the bass being far too chunky and too high in the mix. As befits their years the vocals are high pitched and a little too weak to contain any power in the delivery.

Most of the songs sound rather forced with poor transition from verse to chorus and they are all pretty short, with the odd exception they don't really go anywhere either. The overall impression is sloppy and you get the impression that Neclar aren't ready for this stage yet. On the plus side however some of the lead guitar work is fairly accomplished.

Fair play to them for getting up and having a go but they need a lot more practice (and learn how to finish a song properly) before they can look forward to any real acclaim. They get an OK reaction and really that's all they could expect from this performance. Maybe next year eh lads?