Dang that boy can play

I don't think anybody knew what to expect from Andy Cortes and his band but he turns out to be the real surprise package of the day. With his tight afro and clean cut appearance nobody is prepared for the jazz/soul/rock/funk fusion that follows, Cortes immediately draws comparison to Santana with a bit of Kravitz and Hendrix thrown in.

Taking lead vocals Cortes has a good strong voice which is also very distinctive. The musicianship is excellent from the whole band but Cortes really shows the way with some blistering solo's. The solo's are so good in fact that his amp can't cope and has to be replaced after the first number. As his set progresses it seems that the verses are pretty standard and serve mainly as a vehicle for his guitar solos. The band are mightily impressive throughout, once they get into their stride they get a real groove going and more and more people are drawn in to see what all the fuss is about. The last song features both Cortes and his rhythm guitarist soloing at the same time, highly impressive.

Midway through their set you suddenly realise that you could be watching something special here, Andy Cortes, even now, could easily grace the bigger Uncut Stage or hold his own in a slot on Jools Holland! His solo's are effortless and outstanding, he's the guy you always wished you could play like and yet half the people here could be his dad. Sickening, but very, very good.