Slowly slowly catchy monkey!

Rise Against return to the UK for the first time since their impressive performance at Leeds Festival earlier this year. As part of the Taste of Chaos Tour they get a low billing but to a sold out Manchester crowd they needn't have worried about noone being there to watch them.

Vocalist Tim McIlrath gives a high energy performance throughout but it takes the rest of the band three or four songs to get into the swing of things. One fact that you can't fail to notice about Rise Against is how tight they are musically although it has to be said that much of their material is not instantly impressive, they have their moments but Rise Against are one of those bands that grow on you slowly but surely. The crowd at the front need no time at all however and the pit is in fine form during the opening numbers.

Despite on stage sound problems they play an acoustic number that sees the crowd indulge in a mass wave along with numerous lighters held aloft. Despite the difficulties they pull it off well before returning to the more familiar fayre of melodious punk. The pit at the front seems to have run out of steam somewhat by now but is no less appreciative at the end of each song. When Rise Against do pull out the goods they do it in style and the penultimate track features a great chorus, which sees them joined on stage by Matt from Funeral For A Friend.

Just as the last time I saw them at Leeds, Rise Against win me over and by the time they go into the excellent 'Give It All' I'm once again impressed. So it seems is the re-energised pit, which goes rather wild and the excellent crowd reaction when they finish is confirmation of another half an hour well spent.