Aberfeldy give us Twee in the Park.

Cheered by a receptive home crowd, Aberfeldy bounded onto stage with energy and vigour to spare.

Aberfeldy play the sort of bright and breezy pop tunes that have filtered from Scottish bands throughout the years. In fact, Aberfeldy are so essentially Scottish they could be described as a modern BMX Bandits for the art school kids that Glasgow and Edinburgh nurture so well. When a song called 'Vegetarian Restaurant' gets such a rapturous applause from the audience its a clear indication of what to expect. With the sun still streaming into the X-Tent and too many of the young crowd having spent their money on bubble blowing toys, a joyous time was had by all.

As much as Aberfeldy may sound like just another Scottish band, they do touch on wider influences. 'Surly Girl' was reminiscent of a Rutles track while previous single 'Heliopolis By Night' evokes memories of The Buggles with its high pitched, high tempo chorus. These wider influences aid the appeal of the band and the new song they previewed '1978' was certainly the equal of the better tracks from their debut album. Some tracks still seem a bit slight but the enthusiasm of the band can cover some of their limitations.

Playing so early in a festival, Aberfeldy's set seemed to be ending just as it was getting started but there appeared to be no complaints from either the band or the crowd. As the crowd filtered out of the tent with xylophones and melodies still ringing in their ears, it was apparent that Aberfeldy could become a T in the Park regular for years to come.