2 Lone Swordsmen (And Full Backing Band!)

A delayed start time and sound problems did little to halt Andy Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood's continued sojourn into the world of dance/rock. For those unfamiliar with the bands last album, the sight of a live band performing under the 2 Lone Swordsmen banner may have been a surprise and possibly explain the lower than expected crowd. Those who did stick around were treated to the sight of a band getting to grips with their material and one that has vastly improved on last years live showings. The band now have the confidence, or the technique, to play classic Swordsmen songs such as 'Brutle' as well as tracks from the 'Double Gone Chapel' record.

And no matter what they said at the start of the gig, they most certainly are not Groove Armada.

When the set is initially beset by sound problems, the last thing needed is for a BBC cameraman to halt one of the songs by interfering with cables onstage. By this time, the band had grown accustomed to such problems and after jokingly berating the cameraman, relaunch into 'Foe'

For those concerned about the thought of Andy Weatherall on vocals and Radioactive Man on guitar, have no fears. The set still kicks as hard and the beats still squelch as much as any of their previous shows. This way they just seem to be having a lot more fun, almost as if they are living out their dreams of being The Clash.

Ending with a cover The Gun Clubs 'Sex Beat', 2 Lone Swordsmen yet again pull themselves back from the brink where it looked as though they may have taken things too far. Andy Weatherall may have more lives than a cat but surely he has done more than most to deserve them.