Like a Piggy

Headlining The Uncut Stage, Hayseed Dixie draw the biggest crowd of the day on this stage, many of whom are no doubt curious to see if the band can live up to their reputation. If you met these guys in the deep south of America you'd be scared, a bunch of hillbilly looking farmers armed with guitars, banjo and mandolin they make for a strange group. Musically though they are something else!

Hayseed Dixie kick things off with a cover of AC/DC's 'Dirty Deeds Done Cheap' during which the crowd reactions range from laughter (because they can't quite believe what they're hearing) to bemusement. They play the whole set in a bluegrass hillbilly style but generally at full speed! As musicians they are outstanding, particularly in the solos which are mainly handled on the banjo or mandolin. There is a heavy make up of AC/DC songs (' Hells Bells' for one) but they also throw in Aerosmith's 'Walk This Way' and the highlight of the set in Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades'.

The crowd love it and it really is great entertainment but once you get over the initial novelty of it and know what to expect, it lessens the effect and having seen them once I'm not sure they have real long term appeal.