Mustela Erminea Skiffle

It's boiling hot on a Saturday afternoon when the United Stoats of America hit the Uncut stage. There's a big crowd for so early in the proceedings but the intense heat of the midday sun means the crowd are well warmed up and just in the right mood for the UsofA's uplifting good time skiffle music. They get a great reaction as they come on with all manner of instruments from banjo, washboard, madolin and ukulele to an upright double bass.

Competent musicians that they are, they constantly add to the musical instrument menagerie with saxophone, harmonica and kazoo all being utilised along the way. Throw in a bit of slide guitar along the way and it all makes for a good entertaining performance although the vocals are too quiet. Whilst entertaining to watch, the songs themselves are pretty standard. This is highlighted by the fact that two cover versions are the most memorable numbers in their set, the rather amusing version of Atomic Kitten's 'Whole Again' and an equally humorous version of Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls', both delivered in traditional skiffle style.

They do have an interesting roadie, who in true festival style has painted his whole body in diagonal stars and stripes, which of course adds to the overall impression. Once past the first few songs though the novelty wears off and whilst amusing in places, overall they are unremarkable.

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