The New Fellas turn in another sparkling show.

For a band still slowly building up their name and reputation, The Cribs have worked really hard in putting together quite an impressive and exciting show. Their Glasgow set was the last leg of their current UK tour and closes the curtain on a busy and successful year for them.

Early song 'Direction' is the perfect example of what makes up a song by The Cribs. The incessant drumming, the various time changes and tempos and melodies to die for all work as one and get the crowd jumping from the start of the night. With a simple yet really effective chorus, its one of many great pop moments of the set.

There is such a warmth and joy to The Cribs that it is quite hard not to get swept away with the flow of the band and they clearly speak the language of their fans. When they sing about not being the best person under the influence of alcohol but knowing that it doesn't really make you a bad person, there is not one person in the audience who doesn't know what that feels like and the connection between band and crowd is plain to see.

A sea of crowd surfers is constant throughout the gig, almost as regular as the pints of alcohol being thrown around but it was all taken in good fun as song after song rattled through the QMU.

Current single "You're Gonna Lose Us" thrilled the crowd with yet another winning chorus and chunky guitar fill and will hopefully provide the band with another chart placing and confirm their growing status and stature

However, it wasn't all about the current album as The Cribs also looked back, dedicating "You Were Always The One" from their debut album, to the fans who had been there since the early days. Songs like this had a different edge to them and showed a softer, more rounded side to the bands songs but still maintaining the commercial sensibilities and cheeky melodies.

With only two albums so far, the band had time to slip in a B-side or two and these were greatly enjoyed by the crowd and overall, the set was extremely strong with little, if any, filler at all.

The current climate is one that is receptive to indie and guitar bands but unfortunately this just means there as many bad as good bands these days. It would be a crying shame if The Cribs were to go undervalued at the expense of some hipper or flashier outfit as its very unlikely they would have the songs, the stage show or the darned niceness that The Cribs offer in spades.