Back to save the Saturday line up?

When Iggy & The Stooges take to the stage, you realise just how disjointed the Saturday line up at Download really is. Situated between Sum 41 and The Hives, their target crowd isn’t really in place - 12 year olds will hardly appreciate the unique sound this combination create.

Iggy is still the same, as the spiderous man creeps around stage shouting the occasional line to the audience, you notice just how damn thin the man is. He may not look like much, but he’s a good laugh in the face of the terror that is Deryk and his cohorts.

Overall, a set littered with ‘what the hell?’ moments, most of which are due to Iggy himself. The addition of a saxophone gives a little variation to their music, but it can’t stop the overly-long songs becoming repetitive and uninteresting. But on the good side, at least his whirlwind set pleases the parents even if the kids down the front are still yammering for their pop heroes to arrive.