Dot On The Fringe.

Dot Allison's acoustic performance at T on The Fringe may have raised a few eyebrows. Long associated with dance-friendly acts such as One Dove, Massive Attack, Death in Vegas, Slam and 2 Lone Swordsmen, coupled with a recent successful electronic record, the evening was an opportunity to showcase Dot's melodic song writing skills.

Opening song 'Paper Rose' had a distinctive country feel with a harmonica solo adding a nice touch. The opening songs continued in this vein with Dots' vocals interweaving with acoustic guitars and mandolins. Perhaps due to the types of music she has been involved with before, Dots' vocals were often considered cold and ice-like but this show the delivery was warm and she appeared to be enjoying herself as she danced and shimmied on-stage.

The pick of the new songs was 'Walking On Quicksand', a heartfelt track evoking memories of Gene Clark and the first wave of what would come to be known as Americana. With work continuing apace on Dot's new album, the initial signs are promising that Dot's song writing skills will soon be viewed as an equal to her vocal performances.

Finding time to also play songs from her 'One Dove' era and her solo albums, Dots show was a pleasing trip through her back catalogue and an indication of her future.

Ending with a cover of Massive Attacks 'Teardrop', which Dot has sang live with the band countless times, the only quibble with the set was the strict curfew that curtailed the evening far too quickly. For a career with too many stop starts for the talent she holds, it can only be hoped the new record will feature an upturn in the fortunes of Dot Allison.