Magic Numbers - V 2005

No idea how many people watched the La’s on the V stage but it seemed like most of Chelmsford were gathered in front of the Channel 4 stage to see the Mercury nominated Magic Numbers. Their debut album has had rave reviews, and there live show certainly lives up to the expectation.

Their feel good brand of country Indy pop would have been perfect for a sunny afternoon, with this set being played under murky Essex skies it was down to the music to put the warm feeling into a crowd where you could almost taste the anticipation in the air.

The biggest reaction was reserved for the two major hits from their self titled album, ‘Forever Lost’ and ‘Love Me Like You’ were both up there with the best tracks of the weekend, but the one that for me really stole the show was ‘Mornings 11’. This is the album opener and sounds like several songs in one, funky happy guitar pop that you might associate with The Coral, giving way to a much more laid back section that has the air of the sixties about it and which really gives the vocals a chance to shine.

Magic Numbers took to the Channel 4 stage with an authority that suggests they will be nailed on main stage material in the very near future. As long as their next album is as good as there first this surely has to happen soon.