I canít believe itís Main Stage! [And that makes it not butter! Oh no! - Steve]

The grass surrounding the main stage is looking pretty devoid of rockers when The Dillenger Escape Plan take to the stage. They swagger on, reeking of self confidence. Perhaps thinking theyíre a little cocky for this early in the morning after a beer drenched night on the campsite, many people just lie on the grass nursing their heads. The band pick up their instruments, and within a few seconds all hell breaks loose in the most unimaginative way possible. There are no interesting changes half way through the songs, the band remains cocky and their guitars rarely change - almost like an adult version of a Fisher Price ĎMy first Guitarí with small buttons for different riffs. Itís not the way you would expect the Main Stage to start up, even if it is the first set on the first day, but at least it makes you appreciate the bands which follow!