Advice? Wear Riot Gear

36 Crazyfists have managed to fill the entire Snickers Game On tent. Many of the people have just seriously rocked out to Akercocke but still have enough energy to turn the pit into a filthy, blood stained brawl. Whilst a small child wearing a HIM t-shirt weeps for his lost shoe, the vast majority of people around him create a massacre to the heart pounding music resonating around the tent.

36 Crazyfists, whilst heavy overall, are capable of having slightly more toned down areas, perhaps only placed into their songs to give their fans a chance to catch their breath. The song “Slit Wrist Theory” is the perfect example of their genius. It’s heavy, yet listenable. It can be safely said that the 36 Crazyfists’ scream/guitar balance is perfect, at least, that’s the impression which mingles with the sweat rising off the blood thirsty rockers at their feet. Brock Lindow (vocals) has the crowd eating out of his palm and knows exactly how to inspire them. Every time you think the band are at their peak, they change direction and take their devilish beauty onto a satanic new level. The carnage left for Instruction to clean up is spectacular...I doubt the HIM fan ever found his footwear.