Beer Rock At Its Best!

The best performance on Saturday was also the most unusual in my humble opinion. Having seen Viking Skull a few months ago when they supported HIM in Bristol, I wasn’t looking for a repeat of the tiresome set I was forced to endure in order to maintain my front row space.

This lunchtime set however, was far from the unpolished beer-rock I had previously heard. Instead, the fully packed Snickers Stage tent was blasted with a violent bass capable of upsetting a small tiger, thunderous drums and guitars which screamed of true rock and roll. The lyrical content may not be as challenging as the mind engaging stuff found in Million Dead’s set, but the way the band play as one body more than makes up for it. This is rock and roll in its purest form and the joy these men (three of which are members of the band Raging Speedhorn) find in their performance littered with talk of beer and bitches is obvious. Whilst the crowd do not exactly go wild (maybe they’re saving their energy for the blistering set from Akercock up next) the appreciative head nodding and large applause during and after each song shows that Viking Skull are finally getting things right.

If you’re not familiar with any of their loud and normally drunken work, the song 'Wizard Sleeve’ is a good place to start. Alternatively, Viking Skull are supporting Alice Cooper this year- a show which can’t fail to be first-class!