Bob Catley somewhat dissapoints with his new acoustic stylings

The inclusion of an acoustic set by Bob Catley, singer of British rockers Magnum when announced must have been a welcome addition for fans of the singer and something of a curiosity to the uninformed. The question is, does this somewhat unique set work?

One thing that must have been a treat for fans of Catley's work was the inclusion of new song 'Spirit Of Man' off his forthcoming next release due out in February, which provides a welcome mix of variety between well-known songs of his such as 'Return of Mountain King' and the new.

The turn out for his set is somewhat disappointing, although the seating is busy there are few choosing to stand for his set and although their response is enthusiastic enough to show their is real devotion to the man's works, I got the feeling that there could have been something more in the crowd response. Catley himself was enthusiastic and charismatic as a showman and managed to get the audience slapping along to many of his tunes.

Overall however, the inclusion of this acoustic set seems somewhat bizarre in the overall scheme of this year's Bloodstock, sandwiched between the heavy classic rock stylings of Raven and the progressive heavy metal of After Forever this subdued acoustic set seems something of a misfire.

Overall this was an enjoyable set and provided a much needed respite before the three remaining bands of the night played but it really could have been something more considering Catley's reputation. An interesting, enjoyable, yet somewhat stilted experiment for Bloodstock 2005.