Mfkzt leave this reviewer confused and amused.

With a name more akin to a bad typo on an Internet forum than the typical metal band names you know not to expect the usual with Mfkzt and this is exactly what they provide. Sandwiched between Darwin Suite openers Osmium and their metal style and goth-rockers Projekt this band's oddball grindcore-metal stylings certainly stand out.

With a singer bent over double screaming into his microphone as if his life depended on it, guitarists thrashing about on stage like the apocalypse is nigh and the only way to avert it is to play crushing guitar sounds and a generally strong stage presence their set is intense; Almost too intense, in fact, at times. Their songs lasting little over a handful of minutes and having little variety does not help the band provide a truly enjoyable set.

The crowd seemed to think so too, there was a noticeably high amount of people leaving rather than joining during their set and a general atmosphere of disdained amusement throughout the crowd through the set. However, it's hard not to be amused when you have a singer announcing a song as "one for the ladies, or anyone else who loves dirty, dirty sex" before announcing the name of the song which is simply unutterably in polite conversation.

Overall then it's hard to know what to make of this set by Mfkzt and the general impression I was left with was one of amused confusion. Perhaps this was what this oddball band was aiming for in which case they entirely succeeded in that aim, shame about the music.