British metal band Osmium fail to set the crowd alight with enthusiasm

Opening the Darwin Suite for the second day of metal mayhem at this year's Bloodstock 2005, Osmium certainly have a hefty task before them. Not only do they have to kick proceedings off in a suitably dynamic fashion but they also have to entertain a crowd who are most likely heavily hung over.

Their music is not the most exciting or original at times, chugging metal riffs mixed with high pitched male vocals and the occasional grunts and growls is the formula that has worked for many bands, and apparently should work for Osmium too. They are certainly good at what they do and you can't expect progressive musical innovation from a band like this but I still left the set feeling that their music and performance was in places rather lacking in ambition.

Unfortunately even with the cry of "Let's see the horns!" from the band there is little audience participation other than a few lukewarm head bangers at the front, it is hard to say whether this is down to the band, who are at times rather stationary, or simply due to a tired and intoxicated crowd. The crowd response did grow over the band's set however, so recognition in that area is due.

However overall, from a band introduced as being "all the way from planet metal", Osmium do not impress as much as they could or should, however it is unreasonable to expect a band with the difficult task of opening the second stage to be firing on all cylinders and for their situation Osmium did manage to pull of a fairly enjoyable job.