Zillah's lack of stage moves or memorable tunes does not entertain.

Being the first band of the first day on the smaller stage is not an easy task at all. People will still be milling about the merchandise stalls, entering the venue or simply having a drink and you have a lot of work to put in to impress with this situation. Unfortunately Zillah did not manage to do this.

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One thing that definitely did not help was the band's lack of stage presence, staying mostly stationary with some occasional head banging, as if they felt it was a requirement, that just came off as unconvincing. They did not really warm up the small and unenthused crowd as much as they should or could have done.

Musically Zillah seem to find the principle of shredding out guitar riff after similar guitar riff to be the order of the day, nothing wrong in principle but really each song became too similar for there to be anything that particularly stood out about their set. Topped off with unconvincing vocals, Zillah did not impress.

Overall then this was not a particularly great set and did not much encourage me to ever go out of my way to catch a Zillah gig again, whether this was due to the circumstances they were in and the lack of stage presence or whether it was down to the music I couldn't entirely say but Zillah at times seemed simply filler.

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