Projekt against all their efforts only underwhelm in Derby

Industrial goth-rockers Projekt were a curious choice of band for this year's Bloodstock. Sandwiched between the myriad of different metal and power metal bands on display, their electro inspired stylings seemed almost out of place, the real question is though, is this variety good?

Unfortunately the band suffered from some sound problems. The guitars, whether intentionally or not, sounded too muted to have much real power below them, the vocals became muffled at points and the drum machine (yes, the drum machine) was too high in the mix making the end result muddled and confusing. This was a real shame as from what could be made out, Projekt have some quality tunes under their belt that they couldn't really share to the best of their ability. Their morbid stylings and electro leanings could really have been something special at Bloodstock and would have set the band truly apart.

The audience were neither here nor there really, much like the sound quality itself, there were certainly some appreciative members at the front and the room itself was busy but Projekt didn't seem to be able to create that energy in the crowd needed for a truly memorably set.

Overall this was a very interesting addition to the line up which provided much needed variety amidst the bands of the day, however it is still disappointing in essence. Projekt had the capacity within them to create a very enjoyable set but were held back simply because of some sound difficulties and an unappreciative audience. Hopefully we will seen them again soon and they will be able to show us the full extents of their obvious potential.