Reckless Tide wash away doubt with their enthusiasm

Opening up the main stage for Fridays Battle Metal Night and having to play to a crowd who are clearly eager to see such legendary bands as Hammerfall and still managing to get a great response is an impressive feat, one that Reckless Tide managed to pull off with ease and flair at Bloodstock this year.

Musically Reckless Tide fit snugly into the power/battle metal category, making them of course a fitting choice for the Friday night lineup and the crowd clearly agree. However they do have one aspect that is not so common amongst modern bands and that is two male vocalists, whilst the combination of a male and a female vocalist is becoming an ever-more common trend the combination of one grunting and one clean vocals male singer is not as easily found and this helped elevate my interest in the band and their set.

The band certainly had an eager crowd of head banging, weapon waving and fist throwing fans behind them and this energy and enthusiasm as soon as the band hit the stage seemed to clearly help them improve and be more energetic onstage. The real highlights that got the most response out of the audience were the new song 'Madness Within' and set closer 'Demons of Dictation'.

Overall this was an impressive set from a band who were beforehand completely unknown to me, although at times their power metal stylings grew a bit tired they had the drive and sheer metal attitude that proved them to be a worthy choice.

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