SuidAkrA guitarist says goodbye in style

SuidAkrA's expansive back catalogue, plus their impressive record of excellent live shows makes their early position on the lineup a bit of a parody, but it seems the band themselves couldn't care less. Frontman Arkadius stormed on stage and to a packed Assembly Rooms hall, simply shredded his way through the highlights of the SuidAkrA discography.

However, this is a very special show for Guitarist Matthias, as it would be his last show before he left the band, to be replaced by the original guitarist. Rather than throwing a rockstar tantrum, Matthias walked out on stage in a David Beckham England football shirt, and it became quickly clear that he wanted to go out with a bang. His vocals on the excellent "Decibel Dance" were delivered with such force, it's clear he didn't want to go without leaving a mark.

SuidAkrA really shine in their stage prescence, most notably bassist Marcus, who's continual journeys around the stage forced the audience to acknowledge his awesome prescence. Matthias jumped down into the photographer's pit for the instrumental song, something that an intimate setting like Bloodstock makes possible.

The band's show was a flawless and well chosen set of tracks to a large and willing audience. For someone being asked to leave the band, Matthias was a great credit to the band, his stage prescence will be sorely missed. The band's rendition of "Wartunes", from "The Arcanum" album, was delivered with an extra punch from drummer Lars, and overall, the Bloodstock crowd witnessed a set that won't ever be repeated. A memorable set for both the band, and those lucky enough to be standing on the other side of the barriers.