Are Hot Chip a hot tip? They could well be.

Coming across like a mix of LCD Soundsystem and Kraftwerk, Hot Chip were well placed to find new fans at a festival that had a large favouring towards electronic bands. Swapping set times with Mixmaster Mike, the electronic act soon got the crowd on their side with a combination of danceable beats and enjoyable stage patter.

Like Kraftwerk lined up in a row, Hot Chip may not the most stylish of acts but they seem to acknowledge and revel in this fact. Over-sized sunglasses and lengthy introductions are not the calling card of a band that take themselves too seriously.

Couple this attitude to quirky lyrics and at times tongue-in-cheek keyboard riffs, there is a sense of humour in Hot Chip that is quite refreshing in comparison to some other electronic dance acts.

Forthcoming single 'Over and Over' was the most impressive song of the set, with its chorus finding favour with the crowd who were singing it back, and to the dancing masses in a tent which was filling up throughout the set.

Opting to showcase a lot of new material as opposed to relying on their existing material, Hot Chip indicated an improvement in their sound and look set to make a bigger impact in 2006.