Arcade Fire keep the plaudits coming.

Playing to a dangerously full Electric Arena tent, The Arcade Fire were celebrating the last night of their European tour. The band showed no sign of fatigue as they roared through the set. At times it seemed as though every pair of hands in the festival was clapping along.

It is clear that The Arcade Fire have become one of this year's major breakthrough acts and this performance showed why. For a large sized band, they managed to create a sound which although loud, had clarity and depth, showcasing the various members skills, a feat beyond many acts, particularly at festivals.

'Power Out' was the first major song to up the tempo and is probably one of the more immediate tracks on the album. The crowd may have struggled with the high-pitched vocals but there was nothing muted about the reception given to this song.

Perhaps due to the time constraints a festival slot can bring, the band wisely focussed on the more immediate songs. Whilst this may have prevented certain members their moment of glory or a change in pace to the set, when the show was as tightly packed and well paced as this one was, there was no criticism from the crowd.

Recent single 'Rebellion (Lies)' brought the show to a halt and it was a relief to leave the tent and catch your breath. The following day, like the rest of the summer, all the talk was about the Arcade Fire.