They shot you down. Bang bang

In a time of dull, homogenous pop charts, when an act such as the Audio Bullys become well known, they are a blessed relief to what passes as dance music to the mainstream masses.

Therefore, their set is watched by a sizeable crowd all waiting to witness a performance they would describe as banging, hard and fast. In comparison to mainstream dance acts, this is true, but in the greater scheme of dance music, it is a tame show compared to the levels of Radioactive Man or Tiefschwarz.

That said, it is a highly enjoyable set and the new material played indicates a development of the Audio Bully's sound, with the music coming across as almost Chemical Brothers esque at their peak.

Of the new songs, the crowd's favourite was 'Out of Space'. Featuring the same sample of the Prodigy track of the same name ('I Chase The Devil' by Max Romeo for all the reggae fans) the crowd were singing and dancing along furiously.

Many purists may despair at the sight of one man behind a few laptops and one MC upfront but when the crowd responds in such a positive manner it would be churlish to criticise.

Ending with recent chart hit, the Nancy Sinatra sampling, Tarantino endorsed 'Bang Bang', the crowd's night was made as they danced off on their merry way.