The Chalets provide fun pop for the Picnic.

Arriving on stage dressed in what can only be described as tablecloth and picnic related fashion, The Chalets seemed determined to enter into the spirit of the festival.

With the two female vocalists and keyboard players flanked by guitar, bass and drums, the band offered a classic line up and some traditional bubble gum pop.

The vocal and lyrical contents were like classic 1960's girl-group pop with the dance moves harking back to more innocent times. Proving that alluring sexuality doesn't have to be like the modern in your face variety, the band provide a throwback to more sedate times and offer a fresh alternative to today's current bands. More importantly, the band seemed to enjoy themselves on stage as much as any fan and this came across strongly throughout the set.

Thankfully, the music is good enough to stand by itself. 'Sexy Mistake' and 'Feel The Machine' breeze and bubble along so cheerily the crowd were soon bopping and hopping along. As The Chalets are an Irish act, there was probably a lot of goodwill between the crowd and audience but the show never relied on this for its energy or enjoyment.

With bands such as the Raveonettes mining a similar musical field, it may be that good pop is coming back to town. Just remember to bring your dancing shoes and satin gloves.