Another band attempts to clor its way into your affections.

Billed as yet another London electronica new wave act, Clor's live set is more dependant on guitar and the bands dynamics than many of their electronic rivals.

A combination of programmed loops and a live drummer ensures an ever-present rhythm base for the front line musicians to play over. The guitar riffs are always busy and naggingly repetitive and even a broken string late on in the gig fails to stop the dancing.

Another distinctive element of Clor's sound is the falsetto vocals of singer Barry Dobbin. Again, these vocals differ from the standard electro cold and breathy vocals and further distance the act from some of the other bands around today.

Singles such as 'Making You All Mine' and 'Love and Pain' have helped Clor define a sound that has made them an indie breakthrough and given them a credible sized fan base. There is a jagged danceable edge to Clor's music and whilst never being original remains quite enjoyable.

Coming across as a good support act, Clor's set pleases at the time but doesn't leave much of a lasting impression. There is also a slight smugness in the way the band appears to carry themselves and at times, this is not endearing. They may not be a band to get massively excited over but they could become a regular festival fixture.