Wows a plenty as The Kills fuss and fight.

You know what you are going to get with The Kills. Music and people on the edge and a delayed start time only seemed to heighten the tension, if that's possible, as VV and Hotel stalked the stage.

Recent album No Wow seemed to be critically passed over but its best moments excelled live and possibly deserve a re-appraisal.

Part of the thrill of seeing The Kills in concert is the interaction between VV and Hotel. Bordering between love and hate, when the two combine centre stage, the sense that it is the two of them against the world comes across very strongly.

Which is an aspect of watching The Kills. There is the impression that they would perform the same way to two people as they 20,000. There is an almost voyeuristic feel to watching them which when combined with a dark, foreboding sound makes for an experience that is equally pleasurable and uncomfortable.

Recent tracks such as 'No Wow' and 'I Hate The Way You Live' built upon the formula of the duo's first album and were warmly received by the crowd. In particular, the ending to 'I Hate...' is as melodious as any track you could care to mention these days.

Offering a few new songs, the band seem keen to continue pushing onwards with their siege-like mentality and music and as long as the returns are as interesting as they are now, there will always be an audience for an act like The Kills.