I wish LCD were playing in my house, my house

The band element of DFA producer extraordinaire James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem were sandwiched between the mighty Toots And The Maytals and the moribund James Blunt. On one hand, they had a job to live up to as the crowd skanked and jumped for a glorious hour of reggae, whilst on the other, the main stage crowd were looking forward to a sedate dull set made for non-music lovers everywhere.

Pulling the bands layout into a very small space at the front of the stage, the entire band were virtually within touching distance of each other and this emphasised the collection unity of the act.

Creating such an impressive array of danceable tracks and electronic sounds, the band mesh well and take their cue from the percussive factors of the group.

'I'm Losing My Edge' was mesmerising. A tune leaning on late 1970's new wave rhythms and James Murphy lamenting former glories and musing on the judgement of cool. It is a strange topic open to much interpretation but when the song is so good, it doesn't matter so much.

And one thing that LCD has is good songs. 'Daft Punk Is Playing In My House' and 'Tribulations' are quality tracks but both pale when compared to set closer 'Yeah'.

An extended song held together by drums and tambourines, the musicians fire off at musical tangents and the front of the main stage crowd is swept away by its hypnotic beats. Who knows what any early James Blunt fan may have made of the closing track.

Often unfairly written off in comparison to DFA, LCD Soundsystem are as capable of getting people dancing in the afternoon sunshine as they are in a dark, after midnight club. And that is quite a compliment.