Taking good care of the drunken fans for Slayer

Damage Plan are lucky boys. With Slayer held up thanks to transport problems, they’re promoted to the Main Stage. In the process, Damage Plan have received hundred of people who are too drunk/lazy/stoned/other (delete as appropriate) to find another band to watch.

What follows is a set filled with blood, sweat and Pantera covers. The songs rage like a yeti with a yeast infection, but it’s their closing rendition of ‘Walk’ that receives one of the biggest applauds of the set. No one in the vicinity is able to resist raising a fist in the air and bellowing the chorus along with thousands of like minded individuals. Damage Plan may not be close to the original, but it’s such a good song that it’s near impossible to screw it up big time.

An enjoyable set of monstrous proportions, but to be honest, I would much rather witnessed Slayer perform their classic bone crunching art.