Stilted Goth

It's the first show I've been to where the bass guitar was almost as big as the bass player herself. A petite lady she may be but Trine (yes, Trine) grimaces with the best of them as she boogies on the spot throughout the Octavia set. It wasn't all good news for the female Norwegian crew as long technical delays hinder the start of their show. The band were stood on stage like lemons for about five minutes waiting for the go ahead which killed any anticipation and atmosphere which had built up. Suddenly guitarist Gyri started a clean riff but it wasn't clear whether she was still sound checking or had actually started the first song. Slightly conceited vocalist Silje finally appeared and sang along to the guitar player whilst the rest of the band still stood about like a bunch of lemons. They finally kicked in after a couple of minutes but you couldn't help feel that an opener so drawn out wasn't helping their cause. One of the strengths of Goth music is the slow brooding number which Octavia seem to have mastered, however they have mastered it a little too well as most of their set consisted of these dawdling numbers. This gave the music a plodding, lifeless feel and with Silje's vocals not having any definitive melody or hook it was difficult to get excited. The crowd received them well because Octavia excel in creating huge sound-scapes, which fill every part of the room. Tone's keyboards and backing vocals add depth to their sound and the occasional double bass drum rhythm sounds mightily impressive. As a band they are pretty static and look inept at times but this should be eradicated with experience. Octavia have the core of something special and I think with time and a clutch of better songs they may be able to reach it.