Gimme a head with hair

The band look rather bemused as the compère tries to gee up the crowd during his introduction (with limited success!) and almost five minutes later they actually get to start!

An excellent crowd reaction is followed by a solid drum beat with funky bass accompaniment, they throw in some keyboards, add a choppy guitar riff and round it off with a good, full sounding chorus. It's an impressive start, particularly as it takes them about, ooh half a song to get into it! The Hair work the small stage well and as they get into full swing so early on it's almost impossible not to get carried along with them. The vocals are urgent and well delivered and despite his 'interesting' hair cut vocalist Sam comes across exceedingly well, putting plenty of energy into both his vocals and his overall performance.

The first couple of songs are mid paced and catchy, it's hard to pigeonhole the sound but then why should we? Good music is good music and so far tonight that's exactly what The Hair play! They certainly have something going for them, they are both entertaining to watch and to listen to. In marked contrast to the previous band of the night even The Hair's keyboard player is rocking out and as each song passes the crowd reaction grows.

A stomping rhythm persists throughout the whole set, which all makes for a good groove and gets a fair few people dancing. The slower songs such as 'Stop It' are not as catchy perhaps but they mix things up a little and still manage to retain the groove in between stop, start rhythms. 'Sorry (but I want your girlfriend)' is a definite highlight and features a powerful chorus, which is followed by a song with more than a hint of the Stone Roses about it. You can't help but like The Hair, they just do what they do, taking elements from all over the place and blending them into something all their own, somehow it works! The final song continues the theme of strong, catchy tunes with what sounds like a great chorus of 'get plastered'?! It's all good fun and with some nice breaks thrown in for good measure it's been a short but impressive set from The Hair. Certainly one to watch.