I say, rather spiffing what?!

It's a measure of how far Reuben have come that on only their second headline tour, they have sold out the venue! Alright so it's not the biggest venue but it's still impressive and should come as no surprise really on the back of their well received recent album 'Very Fast Very Dangerous'.

The capacity crowd are well up for this tonight and begin chanting the band's name a good five minutes before they come on. Eventually the lights dim and some rather ineffective dry ice wafts across the stage before the band make their entrance. From the first notes of the classically titled 'Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum and Bass A Rock Star Dies' Reuben own the stage, the sound is loud, clear and powerful and for a three piece they make a glorious noise! Rapturously received by the crowd, they waste no time in launching into 'Stuck In My Throat', which sees those down at the front go buck mental. Displaying real energy and passion, Reuben are a great live band and the audience participation is almost universal as they shout along throughout.

"Do you want to hear a heavy song?" asks singer/guitarist Jamie, naturally the crowd do and are treated to a fantastic version of Alpha Signal Three. Joined on stage by Frank from Million Dead (on second vocal duties), it's a wild rendition, Frank goes predictably nuts in front of a sea of clapping hands and the first crowd surfer, who is closely followed by Frank launching himself into the crowd at the end with admirable technique this is one of the highlights of a strong set.

Reuben seriously seem to have it all, they have great stage presence, great songs and on this evidence a great fanbase, let's hope they can keep it together as there is surely plenty more to come from them. Older songs such as 'No One Wins The War' sit comfortably alongside more recent offerings such as 'Blamethrower' and both ensure the crowd remains in frenzy mode. Another definite highlight comes with 'Kick In The Mouth', "this is a rock and roll ride and you're all coming!" exclaims Jamie and hell, he's not wrong as they give us an outstanding version.

There isn't much time for respite save for 'Nobody Loves You', which takes it all down several notches and shows that there's more to the band than fast and hard. Predictably it's no less well received by the enthusiastic crowd. It's back up to speed though with 'Return of the Jedi' before crowd favourite 'Freddy Kreuger' rounds off an hour long set in fine style. This has been a stunning performance from Reuben and it could be argued that good though their recorded work is; it's in the live environment that they really shine. Excellent show, here's to many more.