The tunes from the Toon keep on coming.

Maximo Park arrived playing second fiddle to the Kaiser Chiefs but safe in the knowledge that they have a large headlining tour of their own to look forward to before the year is out.

Playing to a large crowd primarily there for the Kaisers, Maximo Park seized the chance to gain new fans with a fizzing, energetic set.

Lead singer Paul Smith was as enigmatic as ever with his nerdy but cool Jarvis Cocker movements and lyrical style remaining the key focus of the group. He is, though, being challenged in the strangeness stakes by the keyboard player whose dancing skills should be a concern for his parents.

New song 'A19' featured early in the set and was easily a match for the debut records best material. With an aggressive beat and electro-fizz keyboard sounds, the band once again explored the sense of alienation and change.

The crowd warmly received the news that the reissue of 'Apply Some Pressure' had charted in top 20 and the version that followed was the highlight of the set. With 'Graffiti' also featuring early in the set, there was a good pace throughout indicating strength in depth of the bands song writing skills. They may well be a group of people that looks as though they would struggle to survive in normal society but Maximo Park were the big winners on this leg of the NME Tour and should continue their upward rise.