The New Fellas are building their name nicely

The Cribs were the opening act on the NME tour and if the hall was sparsely populated at the start of the gig, the set ended with the room bouncing to the fast fun pop of the gig.

A one two combination of 'Hey Scenesters' and 'Direction' set the pace and force of the show and was instrumental in having all the Maximo and Kaiser fans jumping around far earlier than they were probably expecting.

With a fluidity between the musicians which belie their young age and a drum beat that powers throughout the show, at times the vocals seems as though it is continually chasing the music as the tempo remains high. The Cribs utilise having more than one vocalist very well and whenever it seems that one vocalist may have overstretched themselves or is in need of a breather, the other steps in.

Having previously witnessed The Cribs in action, it was fair to say that this set contained less of the madness that usually surrounds the band. With no split mouths, loss of blood or stage diving, it was left to the songs to indicate the bands energy and why they have already carved out a reputation having only released two albums.

With a mini UK tour to round off this year still to come, The Cribs have established themselves as a serious act on today's gig circuit and it shouldn't be long before they are considered headliners like the other two acts they share the bill with.