Funeral For A Friend - May 2006

Saturday night saw Southampton Guildhall host the emo fest that was a Funeral For A Friend gig. The Welsh warblers had the venue completely sold out.

FFAF came on stage at 9:40 to a really warm reception; with such high pitched screaming all the dogs in Southampton would of heard it. Vocally and musically they were very clear and had the whole audience singing and dancing constantly, the even managed to get a little circle pit going. The pace was kept going by strong lead guitars and drums which really drove the songs. Bassist Ryan Kienle was also on top form, and they were very tight as a band. After each song the received plenty of applause and there was lots of crowd interaction. Charlie from Fightstar came on during one song to do guest vocals, which the crowd seem to love.

Funeral For A Friend gave a very lively and entertaining performance and kept a high energy level throughout their set. They did not perform an encore as to them, just knowing the crowd had paid to see the fuelled there "rock star egos" enough. Getting everyone to get their phones out for 'Streetcar' finished off their 65minute set.