Metal still remains a major draw

Appearing as part of Kerrang's 25th Anniversary Tour, the Still Remains seemed quite happy and humbled to be back in the UK on such a large tour and they wasted no time in setting their speed to pulverise.

After a calming intro tape, an all-out assault was unleashed on the Carling Academy as the fast gallop guitars and pit of the stomach vocals of the band set off and never looked back.

As the set continued, the pace would quicken but there were enough variances in the music to keep it interesting, the keyboard riffs and fills allowed Still Remains to vary their sound compared to their contempories and the band utilised a stop start approach to their songs which heightened the tension and excitement in the venue.

The young crowd seemed to be enjoying the show and it was metal salutes and jostling throughout as the wall of sound and squalor sound tracked their evening. Whilst the sound was a constant hum and buzz, regularly one instrument would shine through with the high-end lead guitar jostling with the low-end rumbles.

Having heavily toured their debut record 'Of Love and Lunacy', the tightness of the band was in no doubt and their requests for the crowd to go out and purchase their record would likely lead to a few purchases.

With lead vocalists T.J Miller's constant gravel-throated growls being aided by some lighter backing vocals, the lyrics may have been indecipherable but very well delivered and suited the rest of the bands sound.

With promises to come back to the UK before the summer, the Still Remains were in no way out of their depth on the Kerrang tour and probably won over a few new converts to their cause.