Korn Preview New Album in the Capital

As you walk up to the forum in London you get the impression from the atmosphere that tonight is going to be something special. There's mainly Korn's hardcore following group of fans who have waited all day to see them on this bitter cold winters night. It's a very low key show for Korn compared to the shows they did earlier this year in the summer but tonight Korn are back on form. Twelve years into their career Korn still prove they can cut it and put on a great live show. The show is fifteen minutes late due to technical issues but when the roadie takes the cover off the now infamous Korn microphone stand and the lights go down the crowd are totally hungry for Korn.

Monkey and Feildy walk onstage in true bonafide heavy metal heroes style and when the wall of sound opening riff to Here To Stay starts off and the pulsating rhythm of the bass and drums reverbs through your body every one gets totally ecstatic. Third track Got The Life ignites the dance floor into a complete mosh pit and a few moments later the pit collapses and people every where are getting flattened and trampled on and it really does feel like the party of the year.

Monkey gets really excited telling every one about the new album and he grinds his head into the amp stacks as he plays a new tune they have never played to a live audience before!

Jonathan Davis still looks the part wallowing in his pit of misery and playing the bag pipes he manages to convince you and you can almost feel his pain as he bellows each yell out.

Power House of a live drummer David Silveria sounds really tight and the sound is mixed really well. You don't get to see a major heavy weight rock band in an intimate venue of this size how ever when you do it reminds you of what a rock and roll show is all about.

The new tracks played from 'See You on the Other Side' are well received and on the evidence of this it all sounds very good in the Korn camp.