Pit Purveyors

This is where Machine Head belong. The crowd love the band. The band love the crowd- or at least the response they get from them. Everything is very much connected and ready to enable Machine Head to give an explosive set despite the hurried shuffling of acts that has gone on beforehand.

This violent passion should be found in more of the bands playing at Download. Scuffed up growls and towering guitars threaten to crash down upon the front rows at any moment. Machine Head really deserve a safety warning attached to them.

Unlike many of the other bands playing, Machine Head even manage to get people far up on the slope, in the realms of deckchairs and sun block, to take an interest in the band, screaming replies to Flynnís stage-talk in a state of mania. Nearer the stage, huge circle pits form unsurprisingly. Something about Machine Headís stronger-than-steel music sets loose a destructive force in those who get too close. Impressive to watch, impressive to listen to- true metal.

This monstrous purveyor of fine metal is on flying form tonight and the excited praise given by all after they give way to Slipknots roadies is well deserved- it takes a lot to please such a large crowd, but Machine Head leave behind a trail of talent and sweat wherever they go, for lesser bands to lap up.