Ready Made Chaos

If chaos came in ready meal form, it would have Soulfly listed on its ingredients list. If you need melodic intros and mid-song havens of calm to make your guitars sound heavier, you’re obviously not doing something right. If you’re a real rock band, like Soulfly, you would be comprised of several sweaty mean growling like pit bulls that cannot help but sound brutally heavy.

Taking the stage in a furious outburst of noise, Soulfly are out to amaze. They fit this festival perfectly, their riot of noise fits snugly in between Ill Nino and Damage Plan.

Their songs are much the same, a growl of fury here, a howl of total relentless rage there. It’s all good though, and the crowd’s reaction is much like a pack of baying blood thirsty hounds tearing at the throat of a gathering of anti-fox hunting protestors.

Soulfly’s wild, unspoilt metal is best seen in this kind of environment, but just make sure you leave Sir David Attenborough at home for this expedition into the savage lands of true metal.