Pizza With Metal on the Side!

It’s often quite hard for a band playing the first slot of the day to find an audience who are prepared to listen. Luckily for Breed 77, word of their talent has gotten round Donington Park and a rather large amount of people are listening to their flamenco styled metal. Admittedly, many of the people watching are proudly wearing Metallica T-shirts, but the fact they’re listening rather than trying to get a space near the front is a remarkable achievement considering last week the band played a promotional set in a Hampshire town which attracted all of 25 people.

It’s the song “The River” which best shows off the immense amount of talent which lurks behind their well planned music. They’re heavy enough to be metal, but will still bring in fans more accustomed to softer music. The new album “Cultura” is laden with songs that are bound to enter the charts due to the feisty Mediterranean feel running through their guitars. It's this lazy summer sound which makes them so appealing.

Be prepared for these boys to become hot stuff in the next year or two. Breed 77’s success today is only the start of things.