Loud and proud rock with serious potential

As Danko Jones swaggers onto the Barfly Stage with his band, he doesnít seem to realise, or care, that many of the people assembled below him are simply there because itís the nearest shade from the blistering sun burning the thousands of rockers gathered at the Main Stage. A fair number of the people are catching up on some well needed sleep, but Danko Jones is about to wake them up with his loud and proud sleazy rock music.

Already sounding older in years than it is really is, their music is successful because of the amount of faith the band have in their creations. Despite being featured in a large music magazine a few years ago, Danko Jones as a band have not risen up into the sight of the majority of music fans. Itís a shame really, because the spiky guitar playing our ears are treated to this afternoon is enjoyable- the kind of music youíd play at a summer BBQ to get people moving.

It isnít ground breaking, in fact you get the feeling youíve heard it before, but the music Danko Jones creates is powerful enough to make an impression thanks to their grim determination. Danko Jones is here with his cohorts to kick some serious ass and if he has his way, they're going to succeed.