Sometimes it's just a bit too wierd

Beck returned to V this weekend, armed with a setlist mixing classics from throughout his career, with new material from his forth-coming album 'The Information'.

He hit the ground running with rock based anthems 'Looser' and 'Devil's Haircut', as well as 'Girls' and a rather strange, almost lounge version of 'Sex Laws'.

Having got off to a flier, the set then seemed to meander slightly, as Beck played new material less familiar to the large crowd, including new single 'Cellphone's Dead', and album tracks like 'Nausea' and '1000 BPM', as well as songs from acoustic record 'Sea Change'.

With around fifteen minutes to go he performed a puppet show, representing his own band members which climaxed with a nod to headliners Radiohead by singing lines from 'Karma Police'. Although an interesting idea, it was tricky for many in the crowd to totally follow and I'm still not certain how funny it actually was.

The set did round off in style with 'Where It's At' and 'Guero' single 'E-Pro', leaving the V faithful either fully energized for Kasabian, or raring to go for Radiohead.