Diamond Hard Doom Metallers

The Black Dahlia Murder are a thumping collision of murderous guitars and ferocious vocals which sound like they could brutally kill each other at any second. If they were made of an element, they really would be diamond hard, but sadly they do not sparkle like their carbon likeness. They also lack the elegance to attract more than a handful of interested people- most are crashed out at the back of the tent summoning some energy before Machine Head grace the Main Stage.

There is simply no sense of melody within The Black Dahlia Murderís noise, just overworked guitars that sound like theyíre going to explode at any second, taking out more than a few limbs in the process... But perhaps that's the effect they're going for, who knows?

As a band, they donít fully work together so their overall sound is that of a monstrous metal demon with several holes in it. Scary, yes, but for all the wrong reasons. Until they take a look at how other bands work together, they wonít get onto the larger stages at festivals or into larger venues whilst touring.