Not a Sour Grape in Sight

Headed by Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame, Stone Sour have several similarities to the frontman's primary band. Luckily, they're all the good points and Stone Sour sound impressive on the Main Stage on Saturday afternoon.

Their music takes the sleek finish of Slipknot and blend it with distinguishable vocals. On the brink of a new album due out on August 22nd, their setlist goes down as new material usually does- good reactions but a distinct lack of singing along and thus lacks a little of the atmosphere you would expect.

However, the new material is blinding and really takes the band to a new level. 'Made of Scars' is a new song and it makes full use of Taylor's dynamic voice. Shouting, growling and later on, impersonating Johnathan Davis in Korn's set is no barrier for Taylor.

So often side projects will be a poor version of the original band, but Stone Sour are a band in their own right. Their ideas, moods and playing style is very different to Slipknot, the primary similarity being the sleek finish to the music and the highly professional stage appearance. Stone Sour are technically worthy of the Main Stage slot they have acquired an with such a tight knit feel to their music they have won themselves many fans over this weekend.